This dessert not only looks good, but makes a good present for someone. I love how crunchy and tasty it is. Your children will love it, too!
This fruit pizza is for special occasions. It is very colorful, beautiful and children love it. For best results make the filling the day before and in the morning layer your pizza. Invite your friends and enjoy.
Coconut…coconut…coconut…This recipe is a creamy, smooth pudding made from coconut milk. You can put some fruits on it or put it on nice glasses. This pudding is simple and delicious!
Desserts…desserts…desserts…Who does not like to eat them? These date balls are good and healthy for you. You can omit the sugar and just add the dates. Another option is to add nuts like almonds or walnuts and this will vary your recipe. I hope you like it.
Here is a wonderful recipe! I love this cheesecake! I think this one is one of my favorite recipes. Nobody will believe that this cheesecake is non-dairy. Try it with your best strawberry topping or Maple Syrup and pecans.
This apple crisp is a wonderful addition to your fall recipes! You will love the smell of this dessert and the wonderful taste of this recipe. Make some homemade whipped cream and enjoy!
Making coconut macaroons has never been easier. This recipe will delight your family, neighbors and friends. If you are a coconut fan, like me, you will love this recipe.