This cream is good substitute for whipped cream that is used in many desserts. It does not contain any dairy products and it gets firm because of the coconut oil. You should leave it in the refrigerator for several hours or preferably overnight. When taken out you will mix well and it will have a good consistency for cakes, breads, fruits or any other dessert.
What is a salad without dressing? If you want a delicious salad make a dressing to go with it and you will notice the difference. This French dressing is easy to make and it will give a different twist to your salad. Enjoy!
Can you imagine making your own mayonnaise without any animal products? Maybe you thought it would not taste good or it would be too complicated. I thought the same, but this recipe is good…Here is the simple healthy alternative. This recipe is tasty!
This recipe is delicious! You can use it over soy ice cream, for desserts, for carob covered strawberries or as a whipped topping.
This cheese is very versatile. You can use it on nachos, lasagna, pastas and as a dressing for your vegetables. This is a healthy substitute for kids and when you have visitors. Macaroni and cheese is well known and this cheese substitute will do the trick. It is yummy!
Do you like cheese? Maybe you think that because you are vegetarian you don't have many options. I have good news for you! Here is a recipe in which you can make your own cheese. This cheese you can use it for pizzas, sandwiches, pastas and many other things.
Tofu cottage cheese can be used for lasagna, tacos, pizza or pastas. As an appetizer you can put it on crackers and bread. Try it and you will like it!
What is a salad without dressing? I hope that you will try it. This Italian dressing will become one of your favorites.