Vegan Caesar Salad! Perhaps one of our favorite salads. You will enjoy the creaminess of the dressing--on top of crispy croutons. Feel free to add some grilled vegetarian meat.
How about a hearty salad for lunch? This taco salad is a main meal on it's own. You can substitute any dressing or chips for your favorite ones. Here is something everyone will like.
This is a refreshing salad that you can eat as a main dish or on some warm toasted bread. Quick, simple, and very nutritious. You can never go wrong with a salad.
Nutritious, Delicious and easy to make! Enjoy this Quinoa Salad with crackers, tostadas or bread. Super light and tasty. Quinoa cooks faster than brown rice, so it's perfect for a busy day.
Wow! This recipe is one of my favorites, especially on a hot summer day. You will enjoy this delicious pasta salad. You can change the pasta and make it gluten free. Enjoy this nutritious and delicious salad.
A crunchy delicious salad! This salad has an Oriental flavor to it and you can use it to accompany noodles or Chinese rice.