This recipe is versatile, you can use it for breakfast at the same time you use it as a main dish with potatoes and some warm tortillas. You can also use it for sandwiches or how about as an appetizer on crackers. Ummm…yummy!
Almond Butter or peanut butter you can use either one for this recipe. This granola has no oil and you can adjust the sweetener to your taste. Try it with dry fruits or fresh fruit.
Being a vegetarian is fun! We get to learn new delicious recipes all the time. Even my kids like this one. This is a great recipe. Do not get intimidated by the ingredients, they are simple and easy to find. I hope you enjoy this yummy recipe
This scrambled tofu has a different taste because of the cashews. It is delicious! I have to say that this is probably my favorite recipe. Yummy…try it for yourself!
This baked oatmeal will surprise you. It tastes good! Vary the fruits and milk and enjoy a healthy breakfast meal.
Here is another recipe fit for healthy people. You want to have a good breakfast? Here is an option. My daughter loves waffles with honey or strawberry jelly. You can add fresh fruit or sweet
What can be tastier than a delicious granola for breakfast? Eat it with soy, rice or almond milk…crunchy and healthy. Add dried fruits and your favorite nuts. You can also use it as a dessert. This granola recipe is one of my favorites.