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Who doesn't like pizza? Yum... Yum... This pizza is not only one of the quickest recipes I make but it is also delicious.

Kids love Burgers! I finally found this burger recipe that is better than any I have tried.

This pasta is so creamy and good! I know that you will both find it easy to make and delicious. Try paring this meal with salad and garlic bread to make a complete meal.

This is one of my favorite soups!  I love having a bowl of minestrone soup with warm bread and a salad.  Just tasty!  A wonderful recipe for all ocassions.

This soup has many possibilities. Spice it up according to your taste or leave it simple as it is. Enjoy with warm bread or crackers. Delicious!

I enjoy eating this chili. It is gentle in your stomach. It is not too spicy. Soothing, comforting and delicious!

Yummy… serve it with a delicious salad and breadsticks. This recipe can be adapted according to your taste. You will not fail with this recipe.

Do you enjoy the smell of fresh baked bread? Nothing compares to that smell. Here is an oil free whole wheat bread recipe. It sure is tasty!

Do you have some ripe bananas at home? How about making some banana bread? This recipe is healthy, delicious and easy to make. I hope that you enjoy this sweet bread.

This recipe is versatile, you can use it for breakfast at the same time you use it as a main dish with potatoes and some warm tortillas. You can also use it for sandwiches or how about as an appetizer on crackers. Ummm…yummy!

Almond Butter or peanut butter you can use either one for this recipe. This granola has no oil and you can adjust the sweetener to your taste. Try it with dry fruits or fresh fruit.

Being a vegetarian is fun! We get to learn new delicious recipes all the time. Even my kids like this one. This is a great recipe. Do not get intimidated by the ingredients, they are simple and easy to find. I hope you enjoy this yummy recipe

Vegan Caesar Salad! Perhaps one of our favorite salads. You will enjoy the creaminess of the dressing--on top of crispy croutons. Feel free to add some grilled vegetarian meat.

How about a hearty salad for lunch? This taco salad is a main meal on it's own. You can substitute any dressing or chips for your favorite ones. Here is something everyone will like.

This is a refreshing salad that you can eat as a main dish or on some warm toasted bread. Quick, simple, and very nutritious. You can never go wrong with a salad.

This cream is good substitute for whipped cream that is used in many desserts. It does not contain any dairy products and it gets firm because of the coconut oil. You should leave it in the refrigerator for several hours or preferably overnight. When taken out you will mix well and it will have a good consistency for cakes, breads, fruits or any other dessert.

What is a salad without dressing? If you want a delicious salad make a dressing to go with it and you will notice the difference. This French dressing is easy to make and it will give a different twist to your salad. Enjoy!

Can you imagine making your own mayonnaise without any animal products? Maybe you thought it would not taste good or it would be too complicated. I thought the same, but this recipe is good…Here is the simple healthy alternative. This recipe is tasty!

This dessert not only looks good, but makes a good present for someone. I love how crunchy and tasty it is. Your children will love it, too!

This fruit pizza is for special occasions. It is very colorful, beautiful and children love it. For best results make the filling the day before and in the morning layer your pizza. Invite your friends and enjoy.

Coconut…coconut…coconut…This recipe is a creamy, smooth pudding made from coconut milk. You can put some fruits on it or put it on nice glasses. This pudding is simple and delicious!

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